Our approach

Personalized, practical and professional legal services in a convenient and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are paying for a lawyer, shouldn't you actually be dealing with one? With Lorne, you do. He doesn't pass you off to an assistant. You talk directly with him. You meet personally with him. If you have a question, he is the person who answers it. With Lorne, you don't pay for one thing and get another.

A graduate of the University of Windsor's business school and Western's law school, Lorne has been practicing law in London since 1983. He has been counsel in courts ranging from Small Claims to the Supreme Court of Canada. His varied and lengthy experience in practice, his many years of teaching for the Law Society and his long history of adjudicating discipline hearings for Alliance Hockey, is your assurance of practical, common sense guidance.

With Lorne, relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have chosen your lawyer well.